Kothagudem Affected by Severe Rainstorm

Kothagudem Hit by Extreme Rainfal

Extreme Rainfall Hits Kothagudem: Two Fatalities Reported in Khammam

Kothagudem: Cyclone Michaung has unleashed havoc in the Kothagudem district, with extreme rainfall wreaking havoc in five mandals. The heavy downpour, measuring 31 cm, was recorded in Aswaraopet mandal from 8.30 am on Tuesday to 8.30 am on Wednesday, with Maddukuru of Chandrugonda mandal experiencing 30.8 cm of rainfall.

Several areas, including Dammapet, Annapureddypally, and Kothagudem mandals, faced the brunt of the extreme weather, receiving rainfall ranging from 26 cm to 21.2 cm. A total of 12 mandals witnessed very heavy rainfall, while nine recorded heavy rainfall during this period.

Tragically, two lives were lost in Khammam, where 10 mandals experienced very heavy rainfall, and others faced varying degrees of rainfall. A couple, N Pulla Ra and Lakshmi, tragically lost their lives due to a wall collapse at Cheruvu Madaram village in Nelakondapalli Mandal.

Apart from the human toll, the heavy rains have led to other repercussions. In Bhimavaram of Aswapuram Mandal, 40 sheep perished due to the extreme cold weather. The Kinnerasani project in Paloncha Mandal had to lift two gates to release 8,000 cusecs of excess water downstream. A similar situation unfolded at the Peddavagu project in Gummadavalli village of Aswaraopet mandal.

A breach in the bund of the Perantala tank at Dammapet mandal headquarters inundated paddy fields, affecting standing crops across thousands of acres. The rainwater standing in agricultural fields has brought coal production in SCCL opencast mines to a halt.

Vehicular movements have been severely impacted, with Superintendent for Police Dr. Vineeth G stating that several roads in Dammapet, Aswaraopet, Sujatha Nagar, Julurpad, Aswapuram, and Mulakalapalli mandals are restricted due to overflowing rainwater. Precautionary measures, such as setting up barricades on inundated roads, have been implemented to ensure public safety. The Superintendent urges people to cooperate with the police to prevent untoward incidents during these heavy rains.

As the region copes with the aftermath of the extreme rainfall, authorities are on high alert, implementing measures to mitigate further damage and ensure the safety of the affected population.

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