Four Injured in Bike-Auto Collision in Sirolu Mandal

Sirolu Mandal

Image credit: Lokal News

Sirolu Mandal, October 24, 2023: Four people were injured on Monday night when a parked car collided with a bike from behind on the National Highway at Gujilitanda in Sirolu mandal.

The injured were identified as the bike rider, his pillion rider, and two passengers in the auto. They were all taken to the area hospital in the 108 vehicle. Their condition is said to be stable.

According to police reports, the bike was traveling on the highway when the parked car suddenly swerved into the road. The bike rider tried to brake but was unable to avoid the collision. The impact of the collision knocked the bike riders and the auto passengers off their vehicles.

The police are investigating the incident to determine the exact cause of the collision.

Full details to be known.

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