Warangal’s Railway Stations Set for Spectacular Transformation under Amrit Bharat Scheme


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Warangal: A significant transformation awaits three major railway stations within the former Warangal district. The Amrit Bharat Station Scheme (ABSS), a flagship initiative of the Central Government aimed at modernizing the railway system, is paving the way for this remarkable change. Among the selected stations for modernization in Telangana, under the auspices of the Centre, are Kazipet, Jangaon, and Mahabubabad stations. The primary objective of this endeavor is to highlight the rich tapestry of Indian diversity.

The rejuvenated stations will not only feature cutting-edge passenger amenities but will also witness the refurbishment and renewal of existing facilities. At the heart of this transformation lies the Kazipet railway station, a pivotal junction on the Secunderabad-Balharshah route. Serving an impressive daily footfall of 24,269 passengers, Kazipet station is set to undergo a comprehensive upgrade with an estimated cost of Rs 24.45 crore.

Anticipated enhancements include a more elegant frontal façade and an extended portico, improved lighting arrangements, enhanced circulation areas, upgraded parking facilities, infrastructure catering to the needs of divyangjans (people with disabilities), and the incorporation of environmentally friendly construction practices utilizing green energy. These improvements, coupled with upgraded amenities to ensure passenger comfort and safety, encompass the construction of a 12-meter wide foot-over bridge to seamlessly connect platforms. Furthermore, modern restroom facilities and contemporary toilet blocks will be established to accommodate the growing passenger base, as per railway officials.

Similarly, Jangaon and Mahabubabad railway stations are also poised for notable improvements, with estimated costs of Rs 24.50 crore and Rs 39.72 crore respectively. The Railway administration has devised a comprehensive plan to execute these transformative changes within a span of two years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to initiate the redevelopment of 508 Amrit Bharat Stations nationwide, including the inauguration of the projects at Kazipet, Jangaon, and Mahabubabad Railway stations, via Remote Video Link, at 9 am on Sunday, August 6th.

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