Three Lives Lost in Asifabad and Mancherial Incidents

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Triple Murder in Mancherial: 2 Neighbors Killed in Revenge Attack, Migrant Worker Stabbed


Asifabad/Mancherial: Two separate incidents in Asifabad and Mancherial have left three people dead. In the first incident, a 45-year-old man named Gubide Shravan was murdered by his neighbor, Bamne Srinivas, on Friday night in Bestawada. The victim’s son, Anil, retaliated by killing Srinivas with an axe just minutes later. Anil later surrendered to the police, admitting to the crime.

According to Asifabad Inspector Raju, the police suspect that Srinivas had a grudge against Shravan over a minor issue, and he was under the influence of alcohol during the incident. Srinivas, who is Shravan’s son-in-law and lives next door, has three daughters and a son, while Shravan is survived by three sons.

In another incident on the same night, a 38-year-old migrant daily wage laborer, Boddu Jalandar, was stabbed to death in Keslapur village in Bheemini mandal of Mancherial district. The accused, Muthyam Rajashekhar Goud, surrendered to the police and confessed to the murder.

Jalandar, originally from Keslapur, had moved to Hyderabad a few years ago in search of a livelihood. He had returned to Keslapur to cast his vote. The families of Jalandar and Rajashekhar had been in conflict for an extended period.

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