Tragic Keesara Road Crash: Two Lives Lost in Collision

Nirmal Bus Crash: 1 Dead, 35 Hurt

Tragic Road Crash Claims Lives of Two Daily Wage Workers in Keesara

Hyderabad: In a heartbreaking incident on Tuesday, a road crash in Keesara claimed the lives of two individuals identified as Kotaiah (40) and Trinadh (35), both daily wage workers from Chiryala village.

The unfortunate incident occurred when the victims were riding a motorcycle from Chiryala towards Keesara junction. Reports suggest that a truck, being driven recklessly, collided with their bike, resulting in a fatal head-on collision.

According to the police, the tragic accident unfolded on Chiryala main road, where the truck, heading towards Hyderabad, lost control, leading to the collision that claimed the lives of Kotaiah and Trinadh on the spot.

Law enforcement officials swiftly responded to the scene, registering a case of negligence causing death against the truck driver. The driver was promptly arrested, and investigations into the circumstances surrounding the crash are underway.

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The bodies of the deceased were respectfully shifted to the Gandhi Hospital morgue for a thorough autopsy. The incident has left the local community in shock and mourning, as both victims were known and respected daily wage workers in Chiryala village.

The authorities are urging all motorists to exercise caution on the roads and adhere to traffic regulations to prevent such tragic incidents. This unfortunate event serves as a stark reminder of the importance of road safety and responsible driving to protect precious lives on our highways.

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