Hanamkonda: Family of accident victim protests alleged police inaction

Hanamkonda ccident

Hanamkonda Family Protests Alleged Police Inaction in Tragic Accident: Calls for Swift and Fair Investigation


Hanamkonda: A family is upset and protesting at Fathima Junction in Hanamkonda. They believe the police did not do enough after Gadhe Kavitha (35) died in a car accident on Thursday. Kavitha got hit by a car after voting at St. Gabriel school. Her husband, Joseph, rushed her to MGM Hospital, but she couldn’t survive.

The family thinks the police are not doing a good job in handling the case. They say the police are protecting the person responsible for the accident and are not investigating properly. The family wants a fair and thorough investigation.

The authorities say they filed a case against the person who caused the accident, but the family is not satisfied. They are protesting at Fathima Junction to show their frustration with how slow things are moving.

We have to wait and see how the authorities will respond to the family’s complaints and if the investigation will be done to their satisfaction.

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