Former MP Urges Action Against Congress for MLA Office Vandalism

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Former MP Calls for Action Against Congress Activists for Vandalizing MLA Camp Offices

Hyderabad: Former Member of Parliament (MP) B Vinod Kumar expressed strong disapproval on Monday regarding the defacement of MLA camp offices in various Assembly constituencies across Telangana. He accused Congress activists of carrying out these attacks and urged Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy to take necessary action against the assailants.

Calls for Legal Action

Kumar highlighted the lack of common sense among the Congress activists, emphasizing that the targeted camp offices are public properties meant for the newly elected MLAs. He called for the registration of criminal cases against the assailants and demanded the immediate restoration of the plaques.

Rising Incidents of Attacks

In recent days, incidents have been reported where Congress activists attacked camp office-cum-residences of local MLAs, destroying plaques that featured the names of former Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao and other BRS leaders during building inaugurations. These camp office-cum-residences, constructed by the previous BRS government, are present in all 119 constituencies.

Eyewitness Accounts at Telangana Bhavan

Accompanied by former MLAs D Vinay Bhaskar and Guvvala Balaraju at Telangana Bhavan, Vinod Kumar shared accounts of Congress activists storming into camp offices in Hanamkonda and Atchampet. The activists attempted to ransack the premises, armed with hammers, breaking down plaques and causing damage to the buildings. Kumar expressed concern about the unprecedented nature of such attacks, questioning whether the Chief Minister is aware of the situation.

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