“Revanth Reddy’s Power Review in Telangana”

Revanth Reddy

Telangana’s New Chief Minister Revanth Reddy Takes Charge: A Closer Look at State’s Power Situation and Initiatives

New Chief Minister Revanth Reddy of Telangana took a look at the state’s power situation a day after starting his role. He discussed electricity usage, distribution, and production details with officials. The meeting included top officials and ministers, but no official statement was released about what was discussed, and the media was not allowed in.

During the meeting, the Energy Department and Discom officials gave a presentation on the power sector. The Chief Minister also talked about the Gruha Jyothi scheme, which offers free electricity for up to 200 units monthly to domestic consumers.

There were reports that D Prabhakar Rao, the Chairman and Managing Director of TSGenco and TSTransco, didn’t attend the meeting. However, Rao clarified that he wasn’t aware of the meeting and had no intention of skipping it. He mentioned that he would have attended if he had been informed.

In response, the Telangana State Power Engineers Association expressed their willingness to cooperate with the government in implementing the 24-hour free power supply to farmers and uninterrupted power supply to all consumers.

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