Telangana Launches Maha Lakshmi & Rajiv Arogyasri Schemes

Telangana Launches Maha Lakshmi & Rajiv Arogyasri Schemes

Telangana CM Revanth Reddy Launches Maha Lakshmi and Rajiv Arogyasri Schemes

Telangana’s Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy has initiated two significant schemes aimed at benefiting women and ensuring quality healthcare for the state’s underprivileged population. The Maha Lakshmi scheme offers free travel for women in TSRTC buses, while the Rajiv Arogyasri scheme provides a Rs 10 lakh insurance cover.

Telangana Launches Maha Lakshmi & Rajiv Arogyasri Schemes

The launch, coinciding with Congress Parliamentary Party president Sonia Gandhi’s birthday, marked a commitment to fulfil promises made to the people within a 100-day timeline. Notably, zero tickets were issued to Ministers D Anasuya (Seethakka), Konda Surekha, and Chief Secretary A Santhi Kumari under the Maha Lakshmi scheme, showcasing its immediate implementation.

Chief Minister Revanth Reddy emphasized the increase in assistance under the Rajiv Arogyasri Scheme to ensure better healthcare access for the economically challenged sections. He highlighted Sonia Gandhi’s commitment to Telangana, recalling her promise fulfilled in 2014 regarding statehood, and emphasized the six guarantees pledged to the Telangana people on September 17.

Proudly announcing the fulfilment of two promises on December 9, the Chief Minister assured the completion of the remaining commitments within the stipulated 100-day period. To symbolize the importance of the initiative, the Chief Minister and his cabinet colleagues took a bus ride to the BR Ambedkar Statue at Tank Bund before returning to the Assembly.

MLA Yeshashwani Reddy of Palakurthy welcomed the Maha Lakshmi scheme, highlighting its potential benefits for women, especially college students and rural residents. The launch signifies a step towards fulfilling electoral commitments and empowering women in Telangana while ensuring better healthcare access for the less privileged.

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