Sikh Couple Shot in Canada: Mistaken Identity Suspected in Tragic Incident

Sikh Couple Shot in Canada

Source: Telangana Today

Possible Case of Mistaken Identity: Sikh Couple’s Shooting in Ontario Raises Questions

A couple from India, Jagtar Singh (57) and Harbhajan Kaur (55), were shot last month in Ontario, Canada, and it’s possible that they were not the intended targets, according to the police. The incident occurred on November 21 on Mayfield Road near Airport Road.

Jagtar Singh died at the scene, while his wife Harbhajan Kaur, and their daughter were rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Sadly, Kaur succumbed to her injuries, and their daughter is still fighting for her life.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are investigating the case, considering all aspects, including whether the victims were targeted or not. Detective Inspector Brian McDermott mentioned that it’s too early to determine the motive.

The OPP launched a homicide investigation, believing that multiple suspects were involved. Witnesses reported seeing an individual entering a black pickup truck and heading westbound on Mayfield Road.

The couple’s son and daughter had come to Canada as students a few years ago and sponsored their parents as visitors. The family was preparing to sleep when unidentified gunmen fired more than 30 bullets into their rented house in Caledon.

Kaur sustained over 20 gunshot wounds, affecting various organs, according to information on a fundraising platform. Doctors stated that even if the daughter survives, her recovery will take a long time, as she is deeply traumatized and severely wounded.

A family friend mentioned on GoFundMe that the family was not involved in any criminal activity, emphasizing their innocence. The source close to the family told the Toronto Star that they believe the attackers mistakenly targeted them, thinking they were someone else’s family.

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