CM Revanth Reddy: Local Grievance Resolution

CM Revanth Reddy

Empowering Communities: CM Revanth Reddy Spearheads Local Grievance Resolution Initiatives for Hyderabad Residents

The Chief Minister, A Revanth Reddy, emphasized the importance of addressing people’s issues at the town and village level. He instructed officials to organize meetings for one or two days in the first week of each month to resolve public grievances.

He pointed out that if concerns were addressed locally, people wouldn’t have to travel all the way to Hyderabad. During a high-level meeting, the Chief Minister urged officials to take proactive steps to resolve problems at the grassroots level.

To improve the connection between the government and the people, Revanth Reddy suggested that officials work diligently to address specific time slots for grievance redressal. Additionally, he proposed exploring options for people to lodge complaints during specific hours at ministers’ chambers in the Secretariat by obtaining special permissions.

The Chief Minister highlighted the success of the Prajavani program and instructed officials to digitize grievances and applications. He emphasized the importance of promptly updating the status of these issues and making it accessible to the public.

Acknowledging the program’s popularity, Revanth Reddy suggested arranging more tables to accommodate the grievances. He also stressed the need for basic amenities such as drinking water and instructed officials to ensure a warm reception for people attending the Prajavani program. If necessary, he proposed utilizing the services of trainee IAS officers to streamline the process.


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