Telangana Government Schools to Serve Ragi Java in the Evening

Telangana Government Schools to Serve Ragi Java in the Evening

Image credit: The CSR journal

Telangana: Students of government schools in Telangana will now have a nutritious ragi java at the end of the day, in addition to the breakfast and mid-day meal that they already receive. This decision comes in the wake of the recent launch of the Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme in all government schools.

Ragi java is a traditional Telugu drink made with finger millet flour, jaggery, and milk. It is a rich source of protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients. The government is hoping that serving ragi java to students will help to improve their nutritional status and overall well-being.

The ragi java will be served to students before they leave for home at the end of the school day. It will be provided free of cost to all students.

In addition to ragi java, students are also provided with an egg thrice a week. The Central and State governments share the expenditure on the mid-day meal served to classes I to VIII students in a 60:40 ratio, while the State government alone bears the meal cost for classes IX and X students along with eggs for classes I to X students.

The Telangana government’s initiative to provide nutritious food to students is a commendable one. It will help to ensure that all students have access to the nutrients they need to learn and grow.

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