Rahul Gandhi’s anti-corruption campaign faces backlash

Rahul Gandhi's anti-corruption

Image credit: Telangana Today

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s anti-corruption campaign faces backlash as BRS accuses Congress of ‘Note for Seat’ scam

In a twist of political events, as Congress MP Rahul Gandhi intensified his campaign against corruption, the ruling Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) has called on him to acknowledge the alleged widespread corruption within the Congress party, particularly regarding the sale of tickets and positions.

On Friday, TPCC general secretary and Gadwal ticket aspirant K Vijay Kumar filed a complaint with the Enforcement Directorate, accusing TPCC president A Revanth Reddy of corruption, money laundering, and extortion related to the sale of tickets.

In response to these developments, IT Minister and BRS working president KT Rama Rao commented on Twitter, “While Scamgress scion Rahul Gandhi delivers speeches on corruption, Telangana Congress leaders are resorting to complaints to the Enforcement Directorate about the ‘Note for Seat’ Scam involving TPCC president, who has previously been embroiled in the ‘Vote for Note’ scandal.”

Rama Rao’s remark alluded to the ongoing controversy and raised questions about the Congress party’s commitment to fighting corruption. He further added, “This is probably why Mahatma Gandhi Ji recommended that Congress be disbanded after Independence.”

The incident involving Revanth Reddy is not an isolated case. In the past, Bhongir MP Komatireddy Venkat Reddy had alleged that the then AICC Telangana incharge Manickam Tagore had engaged in the sale of TPCC positions.

Sharing a news report, the IT Minister highlighted, “According to Telangana’s Congress MP Venkat Reddy, one All India Congressman sells the TPCC post while another buys it for ₹50 Crore. And Rahul Gandhi lectures the world on Corruption. Scamgress lives up to its Name.”

The BRS’s accusations against the Congress have put the opposition party in a defensive position. The Congress has denied the allegations, but the controversy has cast a shadow on its anti-corruption campaign.


The BRS’s accusations against the Congress are part of a larger political strategy to discredit the opposition party and undermine its support base. The BRS is the dominant political force in Telangana, and it is keen to maintain its hold on power in the upcoming state assembly elections.

The Congress is the main challenger to the BRS in Telangana. The party has been trying to regain its lost ground in the state by focusing on issues such as corruption and unemployment.

The BRS’s accusations against the Congress of corruption have the potential to damage the party’s image and erode its support base. However, the Congress is likely to counter these accusations and try to turn the tide in its favor.

The controversy over the alleged ‘Note for Seat’ scam is likely to have a significant impact on the upcoming state assembly elections in Telangana. The outcome of the elections will depend on how the two main parties, the BRS and the Congress, are able to mobilize their respective support bases and counter the other party’s allegations.

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