India’s First Law Enforcement CISO Council Launched

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Telangana Police Launches India’s First Law Enforcement CISO Council

The Telangana Police, with support from the IT industry and academia, launched the Law Enforcement CISO (Chief Information Security Officers) Council on Saturday. This is the first-of-its-kind initiative in India.

The council is a beacon of cybersecurity in Telangana, said Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary IT and Industries. He noted that cybersecurity breaches are multiplying and will continue to grow as more people come online. Individuals or enterprises, no one is an exception to cyber threats and frauds,” he said.

The council will provide a platform for CISOs from the government, industry, and academia to share intelligence and collaborate on cybersecurity initiatives. It will also work with the IT department and other centers of excellence in the state to develop and implement cybersecurity best practices.

Telangana is home to many firsts in the country, and the CISO Council is another example, said DGP Anjani Kumar. “The definition of crime is changing fast. There is no jurisdiction in cybercrimes. This now poses a lot of challenges for police,” he said.

Cyberabad Police Commissioner M. Stephen Raveendra said there has been a 300% surge in cyber incidents over the past year. “We need to defend our digital space, government organisations, critical infrastructure, and industry which are repeatedly besieged by threats and are ill-equipped to handle compared to their larger multinational counterparts,” he said.

The CISO Council is a significant step towards strengthening cybersecurity in Telangana and India as a whole. It is hoped that the council will help to protect individuals, organizations, and the nation from cyber threats.


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