Telangana Government Unveils EHCT for Cashless Health Insurance

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Telangana, Hyderabad: In a significant move towards providing cashless health insurance coverage for government employees, their families, and pensioners enrolled in the Employees Health Scheme (EHS), the Telangana government has officially introduced the Employee Health Care Trust (EHCT).

Under this new initiative, both employees and pensioners will make monthly contributions to the EHCT, with the specified amount automatically deducted from their salaries or pension disbursements. Additionally, the Telangana government will match these contributions, effectively doubling the resources available to the Trust.

The EHCT will be overseen by a Board of Trustees responsible for offering policy recommendations to the Telangana Government. Furthermore, the state government intends to appoint a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to oversee the implementation of the New Employees’ Health Scheme in the near future.

Detailed guidelines outlining the operational specifics of the program will be issued separately by the state government in the coming days. This development represents a significant step towards ensuring comprehensive health coverage for government employees and pensioners in Telangana.

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