Khajaguda Rocks Getting a Makeover to Protect Them


Khajaguda: After more than a year, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) is taking steps to safeguard the Khajaguda rock formation. Instead of fencing the rocks themselves, they’re planning to fence the road leading to the temple and the Dargah of Baba Fakruddin, along with Avatar Meher Baba’s cave. The southern approach road is also getting a gate and some fencing.

The gate was installed by religious groups who share the area on top of the hill. This place used to be a hotspot for people who came to drink, party, and leave behind a mess. They would even drive right up to the edge of the rock formation, which was not good for its preservation.

Ritwik Reddy from Save Khajaguda Rocks, who has been working with HMDA, said, “Fencing off the area is crucial. By blocking the road, we can limit access to hikers and people who want to enjoy the rock formations.”

A volunteer from the new temple on the hill added, “We should have a checkpoint at the entrance to prevent people with alcohol from driving up the hill. This is a sacred place.” Sadly, one of the rocks is now covered in broken liquor bottles.

When the gate was installed with three locks, some vandals tried to break in but failed. They damaged the fencing and gained entry. The temple volunteers used an earthmover to create a trench and block off the western part of the rock formation from vehicles.

Frauke Quader of the Society to Save Rocks emphasized, “Fencing the entire perimeter is the only way to protect the rocks. The government needs to take a strong stance on this. Fencing the path won’t be enough; it’s just a cosmetic solution.”

According to Ritwik Reddy, previous attempts to fence the area were abandoned due to resistance and legal disputes with property owners. The only successful fencing is near the Dargah on the southern side.

Khajaguda rock formation is valuable because of its unique geological features and age. It’s an important part of Telangana’s geological heritage. The Society to Save Rocks has even filed a petition in the High Court to ensure the rocks aren’t destroyed for roads, buildings, or offices.

Unfortunately, HMDA officials weren’t available for comment on these recent developments.

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