Warangal East Constituency to See Increase in Polling Stations

1.68 Lakh NOTA Votes Polled in Telangana Assembly Elections 2023

Warangal: In preparation for the upcoming elections in Warangal East Constituency, Telangana, election officials have announced that 15 additional polling stations will be established, bringing the total number of polling stations to 230. This expansion is in response to a substantial increase in the number of eligible voters in the constituency, from 2,11,084 in the previous election to 2,46,367 in the recently released voter list from the Election Commission of India (ECI).

The ECI has also granted approval for the creation of special polling centers to encourage higher voter turnout among different demographics. Specifically, five special polling centers designed for women voters will be set up in the constituency, in addition to a special polling center for disabled voters at polling station number 186 in Karimabad. Polling Stations 33, 70, 99, 124, and 150 have been recognized as model polling centers, and Centre number 22 of CKM College has been designated as a special polling station for young voters.

To streamline election administration, the polling centers in the Warangal East constituency have been organized into 17 sectors, each comprising 12 to 14 polling centers and overseen by a designated Sectorial Officer. These officers have already conducted thorough inspections of the polling centers and submitted reports on facilities, such as the presence of ramps, access to drinking water, separate restroom facilities for men and women, and electrification. Proposals for necessary arrangements have been made based on the Election Commission’s directives, with particular attention given to addressing issues in problematic or previously violent polling stations.

Four flying squads and two video surveillance teams have also been established in the Warangal East Constituency to ensure enforcement of the election code of conduct and videography of the election process.

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