NRIs Prefer Hyderabad to Buy Property: Reasons & Benefits


Hyderabad has become a popular destination for NRIs to buy property, with many investors from Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong preferring to invest in ventures around Shamshabad, Patancheru, and Gandimaisamma.

There are several reasons why NRIs are choosing to invest in Hyderabad. The city has a strong infrastructure, a cosmopolitan culture, and good law and order. It is also a major IT hub, with many NRIs who are planning to settle in India looking to buy properties in the city.

In addition to NRIs, many employees and investors from other cities are also buying properties in Hyderabad. IT employees from different cities are drawn to the city’s quality education and transportation facilities. Businessmen and other people from Bihar, Ahmedabad, and other places are also buying properties in Hyderabad.

The practice of employees and businessmen buying flats and other properties in Hyderabad is registering a growth of three to four percent annually.

The Hyderabad real estate market is booming, with the city recording 260 per cent growth in the luxury housing segment in the last nine months. Hyderabad also recorded the highest new office completion and absorption in the country with 2.9 million square feet of office space transacted in third quarter of 2023.

Builders say that Hyderabad has plenty of water available, irrespective of the zone, and the water board gives connections in just two months. Road connectivity is also good in the city.

Overall, Hyderabad is a good city for NRIs to invest in property, with a strong infrastructure, a cosmopolitan culture, good law and order, and a growing economy.


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