Telangana Elections: Record Rs 745Cr Seized Before Polls

Three Held with Unaccounted Cash in Hyderabad

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Telangana Elections: Record Rs 745Cr Seized Before Polls – Cash, Gold, and Freebies

Just a day before the elections in Telangana, authorities found and took away a lot of valuable things like money, gold, liquor, and free items worth a total of Rs 745 crore. This is the highest amount seized compared to all the other states that had elections this month.

In the past 24 hours alone, officials seized cash, precious metals, liquor, and other things worth Rs 8.07 crore, making the total amount seized Rs 745.37 crore since the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) started on October 9.

Back in the 2018 elections, they only found Rs 103.89 crore in cash, liquor, and other items. In the 24 hours leading up to 9 AM on November 29, they seized Rs 3.78 crore in cash, making the total seized cash Rs 305.72 crore since October 9.

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They also found Rs 2.66 crore worth of liquor in the past 24 hours, bringing the total value of seized liquor to Rs 127.55 crore. They took away more than 2.63 lakh liters of liquor.

During the last 24 hours, they also found drugs worth Rs 27.94 lakh, making the total value of seized drugs Rs 40.14 crore. This includes 10,086 kg of Ganja.

The total value of seized gold, silver, diamonds, etc., has now reached Rs 187 crore. This includes 303 kg gold, 1,195 kg silver, and 19,297 carats of diamonds.

Since the MCC started, authorities also took away other items worth Rs 84.94 crore, supposedly meant to be given to voters for free. These items include 2.98 lakh kgs of rice, 9,207 cookers, 89,329 sarees, seven two-wheelers, ten four-wheelers, 18,566 clocks, and 72,473 mobile phones.

With only a few hours left until voting, officials from the Election Commission were closely watching all 119 constituencies. Leaders from different parties accused each other of giving cash, liquor, and free items to voters. In some places, they even protested, asking for action against those who were trying to influence voters.

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