Milk Van Liquor Bust: 3 Held in Chittoor

Milk Van Liquor Bust 3 Held in Chittoor

Milk Van Masquerades as Liquor Mule: Three Held in Chittoor Smuggling Bust

Chittoor police intercepted a seemingly ordinary milk van at the Iruvaram checkpost on Saturday, only to discover a well-disguised liquor smuggling operation beneath the surface. Acting swiftly, the Chittoor Urban Police and Special Enforcement Bureau apprehended three individuals involved in the illegal transport of alcohol from neighboring Karnataka.

The van, valued at Rs. 6 lakh, harbored a hidden stash of liquor bottles cleverly concealed beneath the milk cans. Upon seizing the contraband, authorities estimated the liquor’s worth to be Rs. 2 lakh 82 thousand.

The accused, identified as Ramesh, Suresh, and Rajesh, all residents of Chittoor district, readily confessed to their intention of selling the smuggled liquor at inflated prices within the district,” shared Chittoor DSP Ramana.

Facing charges under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Andhra Pradesh Excise Act, the trio now await further investigation. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the lengths individuals go to in attempting to circumvent established regulations while highlighting the vigilance of law enforcement agencies in tackling such illegal activities.


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