Hyderabad Airport Customs Seize Over 1 Kg Gold from Smugglers


Hyderabad: Customs officials at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGI Airport) in Hyderabad seized over 1 kilogram of gold from two passengers who were attempting to smuggle it into the country on Sunday.

In the first case, officials caught a passenger who arrived from Dubai and seized 610 grams of gold that was concealed in the passenger’s bag. The value of the gold is around Rs 32 lakhs.

In the other case, officials caught a passenger who arrived from Ras Al Khaimah, and had hidden the gold in his luggage bag. The officials seized 483 grams of gold valued at Rs 29.48 lakhs from the bag.

The gold was seized and an investigation is underway.

The news article has been rewritten to be more concise and to the point, while still retaining all of the important information. The headline has also been rewritten to be more informative and attention-grabbing.

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