TAP, After 9 Pubs on Mute? Banjara Hills Resident Seeks Quiet

Banjara Hills pubs

Banjara Hills Resident Raises the Volume on Pub Noise, Files Complaint against TAP Pub and After 9 Pubs

Hyderabad, December 26, 2023: Residents of Banjara Hills, a bustling Hyderabad locality known for its nightlife, are turning up the heat on noise pollution concerns, with one resident filing a police complaint against two popular pubs – TAP Pub and After 9 Pubs. The complaint alleges persistent loud music and late-night revelry exceeding permissible decibel levels, causing significant disturbance to nearby residents.

The complainant, who resides in BN Reddy Colony, claims that the pubs, despite repeated requests and warnings, continue to operate beyond the stipulated decibel limits, disrupting sleep and peace of mind for residents. The complaint details how the loud music and boisterous crowds spill out onto the streets, creating a nuisance well past midnight.

“It’s become impossible to sleep with the constant din,” expressed the complainant, highlighting the impact on their health and well-being. “The loud music vibrates through the walls, and the noise level is simply unbearable, especially on weekends.”

This complaint adds fuel to the ongoing debate about noise pollution in Hyderabad, particularly in areas like Banjara Hills, where pubs and restaurants are concentrated. While the nightlife scene attracts many, it also raises concerns about noise control and the rights of residents to a peaceful environment.

Following the complaint, the police have reportedly registered cases against both pubs under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986. They have also initiated investigations to assess the noise levels and determine if the pubs are adhering to decibel limits.

The incident has sparked discussions on striking a balance between the city’s thriving nightlife and the need for residents’ well-being. Some residents have expressed support for stricter enforcement of noise regulations, while others suggest exploring alternative solutions like designated noise zones or stricter licensing conditions for pubs and restaurants.

The Hyderabad police have assured residents of taking necessary action to address the noise pollution issue. However, it remains to be seen if this complaint will lead to significant changes in how pubs and restaurants operate in Banjara Hills and other areas of the city. The question of how to ensure a vibrant nightlife while protecting the rights of residents to a peaceful environment is one that Hyderabad will continue to grapple with in the coming days and months.


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