Hyderabad: Ride Turns Nightmare, Woman Extorts Rs. 25k


Hyderabad: Man’s Good Samaritan Act Turns into Nightmare as Woman Extorts Rs. 25,000 with Threat of Undressing

Hyderabad, December 26, 2023: In a shocking incident that has sent shivers down the spines of Hyderabad residents, a man who offered a lift to a woman on Sunday evening was subjected to a harrowing ordeal of blackmail and extortion. The woman, disguised under a mask and glasses, threatened to undress herself in his vehicle, forcing him to hand over Rs. 25,000.

45-year-old Gutti Jangaiah, a private employee, was returning home on his motorcycle around 5:30 PM when he encountered the woman near SNT Junction. She approached him, requesting a lift. Despite his initial hesitation, Jangaiah, in a spirit of helpfulness, agreed to drop her off.

However, near Mugdha Signal, the woman’s demeanor took a sinister turn. She insisted that Jangaiah accompany her to a room, a request he politely declined. This sparked a confrontation, with the woman shockingly taking control of the motorcycle and demanding money.

Despite initially resisting, Jangaiah, fearing for his safety, was forced to give her Rs. 50. The situation escalated further when the woman snatched his phone and demanded more. Under immense pressure, Jangaiah withdrew Rs. 25,000 from an ATM near SNT Junction and surrendered it to her.

But the woman’s greed remained insatiable. She took the motorcycle key and threatened to undress herself if he didn’t comply with her further demands. Fearful of public humiliation, Jangaiah continued to hand over cash until he had no more money left.

Finally, with Jangaiah completely drained, the woman returned the bike key and requested to be dropped off at the SNT Bus Stop. This marked the end of Jangaiah’s harrowing ordeal.

Shaken and traumatized, Jangaiah lodged a complaint with the police on Monday. The authorities are investigating the incident and are currently searching for the woman.

This incident raises serious concerns about the safety of individuals, particularly those who offer help to strangers. It highlights the need for increased vigilance and awareness of potential threats, especially during late hours.

The Hyderabad Police Department has urged citizens to exercise caution while offering rides to strangers and to report any suspicious activity immediately. They have also assured swift action against those who exploit the kindness of others for their own nefarious purposes.

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