State Orders Special Officers for Gram Panchayats

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State Government Directs Appointment of Special Officers for Gram Panchayats as Sarpanches’ Term Ends


Hyderabad: As the term of Sarpanches concludes today, the State Government has issued directives to District Collectors to appoint Special Officers, persons in charge, or committees to oversee the functions of Gram Panchayats until new members and Sarpanches are elected by the people. The decision was formalized through Government Order in the form of GOMs 5 on Wednesday.

District Collectors are instructed to designate officers of the rank of Tahsildar, Mandal Parishad Development Officer, Agriculture Officer, Mandal Educational Officer, Mandal Panchayat Officer, or officers of similar rank, effective from Friday.

The designated officers or committees are tasked with carrying out the responsibilities of the Gram Panchayats during the interim period until the assumption of new elected members and Sarpanches. Special Officers are urged to assume their roles promptly.

Responding to the conclusion of Sarpanches’ terms, BRS working president KT Rama Rao expressed gratitude to those who served the public for the past five years. He emphasized that retiring Sarpanches were stepping down from their post, not from public service. Rao acknowledged their significant contributions, particularly under the leadership of BRS president K Chandrashekhar Rao, in establishing nurseries, Palle Prakruthi Vanams, and Vaikuntha Dhamams, setting a benchmark for the nation.

Despite this, there are calls from the Sarpanches Association and certain political parties urging the State Government to conduct elections. They object to the appointment of Special Officers. The CPM State unit, in a representation to the State government, demanded immediate elections, opposing the plans to appoint Special Officers instead of elected bodies. CPM State Secretary Tammineni Veerabhadram insisted that holding Panchayat elections promptly is crucial to ensure the continuity of governing bodies elected by the people.

As the State grapples with the transition, the debate between appointment and elections continues, highlighting the importance of local governance in the eyes of the citizens.

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