Hyderabad PG Ordered to Pay Rs.40000 for False Promises


Hyderabad: A women’s PG in Hyderabad has been ordered to pay Rs.40000 for not providing the amenities that were advertised. The order was passed by the District Consumer Commission after a complaint was filed by a resident of the PG.

The resident had alleged that the PG did not provide the basic amenities that were promised, such as a safe and secure living environment, clean and hygienic rooms, and a hygienic kitchen. She also alleged that the PG warden was rude and unhelpful.

In its order, the District Consumer Commission observed that the PG had violated the Consumer Protection Act by not providing the services that were promised. The commission also observed that the PG warden had been rude and unhelpful to her.

The commission ordered the PG to pay Rs.40000 to her as compensation for the inconvenience and harassment that she had faced. The commission also ordered the PG to provide all of the advertised amenities to its residents within a period of two months.

The order of the District Consumer Commission is a significant victory for consumers in Hyderabad. It is a reminder that businesses cannot make false promises to consumers and then not deliver on those promises. It is also a reminder that consumers have the right to seek compensation if they are cheated by businesses.

This case is a reminder to all businesses that they must be honest and transparent in their dealings with consumers. They must also ensure that they provide the services that they promise.

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