Hyderabad Woman Murdered in Property Dispute

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Hyderabad Woman Murdered: Son and Daughter-in-law Arrested Over Property Dispute

A woman in Hyderabad, Suganamma (57), was tragically murdered by her son Anil and daughter-in-law Tirumala. They reportedly had a dispute over selling the house they lived in at Ramanthapur, which belonged to Suganamma.
Anil wanted to sell the house, but Suganamma disagreed, leading to frequent arguments. On Friday, after another disagreement, Anil and Tirumala allegedly killed Suganamma. They then told relatives that she had passed away from natural causes.
However, the suspicious circumstances raised concerns among the relatives, who informed the police. Tirumala and Anil were placed under arrest, and a case has been opened concerning the event.
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