Record Rs. 1.25 crore paid for Ganesh laddu in Hyderabad

Balapur ganesh

Balapur ganesh

A Ganesh laddu at Richmond Villas in Sun City, Bandlaguda Jagir, Hyderabad, was auctioned for a record Rs. 1.25 crore on Thursday, breaking all previous records. Last year, the laddu was sold for about Rs. 65 lakh.

The auction is organized every year by the residents of Richmond Villas as part of the Ganesh Chaturthi festivities. The money raised from the auction is used for charity purposes, including for schools, healthcare, and supply of groceries to NGOs.

This year’s auction was won by an anonymous bidder. The organizers said that the entire money raised from the auction will go into charity. They also appealed to all gated communities to do their bit for charity.

The Ganesh laddu is a traditional sweet that is offered to Lord Ganesha during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. It is made with gram flour, sugar, ghee, and nuts. The laddu at Richmond Villas is known for its large size and delicious taste.

The auction of the Ganesh laddu is a popular event in Hyderabad and attracts a lot of attention. It is a reflection of the devotion and generosity of the people of Hyderabad.


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