JEE Advanced Topper Ved Lahoti: Journey & Tips

JEE Advanced Topper

JEE Advanced Topper Ved Lahoti’s Inspiring Journey: Secrets to Success Revealed!

The JEE Advanced results for 2024 came out today, June 9. Ved Lahoti, from IIT Delhi zone, topped the exam by scoring 350 out of 360 marks. In an interview with his coaching institute, Allen, Ved shared his journey and talked about the importance of hard work.

Ved emphasized that your hard work should match your goals. He believes that if you work hard according to your targets, success will follow. He also stressed the importance of practicing a lot to learn effectively.

Ved hasn’t decided yet which college or course he’ll pursue. He believes every question has a logical answer. Even as a child, he was determined to get his results reassessed if they didn’t meet his expectations. His success in academics comes from paying close attention to details and understanding his strengths.

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According to his institute, Ved’s study schedule depended on his class timings, but he always made sure to get eight hours of sleep.

Besides studying, Ved enjoys playing chess, cricket, and reading.

His father, Yogesh Lahoti, works as a construction manager at Reliance Jio, and his mother, Jaya Lahoti, is a homemaker. Ved finds inspiration from his mother and grandfather, R.C. Somani, whom he consults whenever he faces challenges and acts upon their advice.