Hyderabad Cybercrime Busts Bank Credential Sellers

Hyderabad Cybercrime Busts Bank Credential Sellers

Hyderabad Cybercrime Police Nab Two for Selling Bank Credentials to Fraudsters

In a crackdown on cybercrime, Hyderabad Cybercrime police arrested Bhura Ram (alias Raju Bhai) and Ramchandra (alias Ganesh Ram), both from Rajasthan. The duo is accused of selling bank account credentials to cyber fraudsters.

These credentials were then used by the fraudsters to trick victims into transferring money. The police investigation revealed that Bhura Ram had sold details of a staggering 47 bank accounts to an individual named Berlin. Berlin, in turn, shared this information with cybercriminals who used it to target unsuspecting victims.

The scam involved Bhura Ram and Ramchandra luring people into opening bank accounts and then stealing their login details. These details, including usernames, passwords, and possibly debit card information, were then sold to Berlin for a commission of around 20%.

The impact of this operation was significant. The 47 compromised accounts are linked to a total of 507 cyber fraud cases registered across India, with 67 of those cases occurring in Telangana alone. Thankfully, swift action by the Hyderabad Cybercrime police led to the freezing of Rs. 1.44 crore in these bank accounts.

This case highlights the dangers of sharing bank account details and serves as a reminder to be cautious when opening new accounts.

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