Hyderabad Pub Raid: 160 Detained for ‘Obscene Dance’

Hyderabad Pub Raid 160 Detained for 'Obscene Dance'

Hyderabad Police Crack Down on Nightlife: Major Raid at Local Pub

In a significant operation against the city’s nightlife violations, Hyderabad police conducted a major raid at a popular pub in Banjara Hills. The late-night crackdown resulted in the detention of 160 individuals for engaging in what has been described as ‘obscene dance’.

Acting on a tip-off, the West Zone Task Force, in collaboration with the Banjara Hills police, stormed the establishment known as the ‘After 9’ pub. The raid, which took place on Saturday night, was part of a broader effort to enforce decency and legal compliance in public entertainment venues.

The police action was swift and decisive. Among those detained were the pub’s management staff, including two managers, a cashier, and the DJ operator, as well as five bouncers and numerous patrons. The authorities have accused the management of hiring women to perform dances with the intent to entice male customers, a practice deemed both immoral and unethical.

This incident comes on the heels of a similar operation at the Urvashi bar and restaurant, where the license was revoked following a raid by the Begumpet police. The establishment was found to be operating as a pub despite being licensed as an inn and bar, leading to its closure.

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The Hyderabad police have issued a stern warning to all pub and bar management, advising them to ensure legal operation and refrain from encouraging any obscene or illegal activities. Establishments found violating the norms can expect to face severe legal consequences.

As the city’s nightlife comes under increased scrutiny, this latest raid serves as a reminder of the authorities’ commitment to uphold the law and protect public morality. The detained individuals are currently under investigation, and further details are expected as the case progresses.

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