Google Launches New .ing Domain for One-Word Websites


Google has launched a new domain extension, .ing, which allows brands and businesses to create one-word websites. The .ing domain is now available for early access registration, but users will be required to pay an additional one-time fee.

The .ing domain is designed for a variety of purposes, including creating fun websites, giving to charity, designing beautiful products, or editing existing documents. Users can register for their unique .ing domain through partner companies such as GoDaddy and 101Domain.

The early access period for .ing domains will run until December 5th, with fees decreasing on a daily basis. On December 5th at 16:00 UTC, .ing domains will be publicly available at a base annual price through the registrar of choice.

Google is also working on a new .meme top-level domain, which is currently in a limited registration period. Early access to .meme domains will open on November 28th, and the domain will be available for registration beginning December 5th.

Google AI Chatbot Bard is Now Faster and More Responsive

Google’s AI chatbot Bard has been updated to be faster and more responsive. Responses will now show in real-time while in progress, and users will be able to skip responses that they think will not be useful.

This update makes Bard even more helpful and useful for users who need quick and accurate answers to their questions.

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