Hyderabad Rumble Strips: Comfort vs. Safety?

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Hyderabad Commuters Rumble Over Thick Speed Stripes


Commuters in Hyderabad are up in arms over recently installed rumble strips, which they claim are excessively thick and causing discomfort, safety hazards, and potential vehicle damage.

These strips, designed to alert drivers of lane departures or danger zones, are reportedly far thicker than recommended standards. Motorists are expressing concerns that the jarring vibrations are not only unpleasant but could also lead to back problems and suspension damage.

Harsha, who runs the Team Road Squad social media account, has been a vocal critic. They argue that the current design is a nuisance rather than a safety measure, particularly for motorcyclists. Harsha, along with many commuters, have urged the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to re-evaluate the implementation.

The complaint centers on the thickness of the strips, likened to those found on highways but installed in urban areas. Drivers report feeling every bump, even at slow speeds, raising concerns about potential damage to vehicles.

One resident described the Durgam Cheruvu cable bridge as a “nightmare” due to the constant rumble. Similar concerns have been raised in other parts of the city, including PVNR Expressway, Habsiguda, Mehdipatnam, and the Indian School of Business road.

According to official guidelines, rumble strips in urban areas should be no more than 5 mm tall. However, commuters believe the strips in Hyderabad are significantly higher, posing a potential health risk, especially for those with back problems.

Road safety activist Lokendra Singh agrees, calling the current design “unscientific” and urging a reduction in thickness. He also criticized the placement of strips on curves, citing an example in Raidurgam that was later rectified after intervention by a government official.

With growing public outcry, Hyderabad officials now face the challenge of balancing safety with commuter comfort. Whether they will adjust the thickness or placement of the rumble strips remains to be seen.

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