Vada Pav Girl NOT Arrested: Delhi Police Clarifies

Vada Pav Girl NOT Arrested Delhi Police Clarifies

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“Vada Pav Girl” Not Arrested, Clarifies Delhi Police

New Delhi, May 5, 2024: Rumors swirled online after a video surfaced showing Chandrika Dixit, popularly known as the “Vada Pav girl,” interacting with police officers. The Delhi Police have clarified that Dixit, who runs a food stall in Mangolpuri, was not arrested.

The video sparked speculation of an arrest, but officials confirmed Dixit faced no charges. According to reports, the video captured an argument Dixit had with local residents. The source of the disagreement seems to be a community feast she organized near her stall, which reportedly led to traffic congestion in the area.

There are also indications that Dixit’s stall might be operating without the necessary permits from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

This incident highlights the challenges faced by street vendors in balancing popularity with adhering to regulations.


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