Drunk teen kills boy for Biryani, dances with knife

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New Delhi: A shocking video of a brutal murder in east Delhi’s Janta Mazdoor Colony on Tuesday night has emerged, showing a drunk 16-year-old boy stabbing another teen over 55 times, slitting his throat, dragging his body on the road and dancing with a knife in his hand.

Police said on Thursday that they have arrested the accused, who did not have any prior acquaintance with the 17-year-old victim, whom he had asked for money to buy biryani. The accused has confessed to the crime and the murder weapon has been recovered, they said.

Where he got the knife from is being probed,” said Joy Tirkey, Deputy Commissioner of Police (northeast).

The incident happened around 11.15 pm on Tuesday. The victim was taken to a hospital but succumbed to his injuries on the way.

The CCTV footage of the crime shows the accused boy pulling a person along a narrow lane and stabbing him repeatedly.

“He was not satisfied with that. He was seen dancing while committing the heinous act. A person tried to open a door to see what was going on, but the accused warned him by waving a knife,” said an official who is part of the investigation.

The trigger for the murder was the victim’s refusal to buy biryani for the accused, which enraged him. They had a verbal argument, which soon escalated into a physical fight.

The accused overpowered the victim, who was 17 years old and lived in Jafrabad. He first strangled him till he lost consciousness and then took out a small knife from his pocket and stabbed him multiple times. He then dragged him to a lane where he continued to stab him on his face, neck, back, under his eyes more than 55 times,” the official said.

He added that the accused was shouting at people to keep away. “The accused was drunk at the time of the incident,” he said.
The horror did not end there.

“We were also shocked… the accused after the whole act grabbed the dead body by the hair and dragged him back to the same narrow area. He stole Rs 350 from the victim and ran away. We have already caught the accused, who has admitted his guilt and the weapon of murder has been found,” the official said.

The CCTV footage helped us to identify the accused who was arrested by the police team without delay,” said DCP Tirkey.

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