Traffic Police Officer Saves Life of Man with CPR

traffic police

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A traffic police officer in Hyderabad saved the life of a man who collapsed on the road due to a heart attack. The officer, Rajashekhar, was on duty at Begumpet Crossroads when he saw the man collapse. He immediately rushed to the man’s aid and started administering CPR.

CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is a life-saving technique that can be used to keep a person’s heart and lungs functioning until medical help arrives. It involves chest compressions and rescue breaths.

Rajashekhar performed CPR on the man for several minutes until an ambulance arrived. The man was taken to a hospital, where he is now recovering.

The officer’s quick actions are being praised by everyone. Telangana Health Minister T Harish Rao tweeted his appreciation for the officer’s efforts, saying that he had “done a commendable job in saving precious life by immediately doing CPR.”

The incident has also highlighted the importance of learning CPR. It is a simple skill that can save lives, and everyone should know how to do it.

If you see someone who has collapsed, call 911 immediately. Then, start CPR if you are trained to do so. Even if you are not trained, you can still help by calling 911 and staying with the person until help arrives.

By learning CPR, you can help save a life.


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