Telangana Govt Hospitals See Record Inflow After Infra Upgrade


Telangana Govt Hospitals See Record Increase in Patient Inflow After Infrastructure Upgrade

HYDERABAD: Improved medical infrastructure in Telangana districts has led to a record increase in patient inflow to government hospitals, with nearly 17 lakh patients availing of inpatient facilities in 2022 compared to 14 lakh in 2021.

The state government’s efforts to upgrade community health centers into Area Hospitals, add Basthi Dawakhanas in urban and Palle Dawakhanas in rural regions, bolster manpower requirements, strengthen diagnostic laboratories, and establish new medical colleges have turned out to be quite effective in decentralizing government healthcare services.

As a result, the demand for high-end surgeries at tertiary government hospitals in Hyderabad has increased significantly. In 2022, the number of major and minor surgeries performed at government hospitals rose to a record 3.04 lakh, up from 2.5 lakh in 2021.

The percentage of pregnant women preferring government hospitals has also increased to 60-63 percent, up from 35-40 percent earlier.

The state government has allocated a staggering Rs 12,364 crore to the health sector in the budget for 2023-24, with a per capita allocation of Rs 3,532, which is the third highest in the country.

The improved infrastructure and increased funding have made government hospitals in Telangana more accessible and affordable for patients, leading to a significant increase in patient inflow. This is a welcome development, as it means that more people have access to quality healthcare, regardless of their financial status.

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