Telangana CM’s Rs 2 Lakh Relief for Swiggy Exec

Telangana CM_Revanth Reddy

Telangana CM Offers Rs 2 Lakh Relief to Family of Swiggy Delivery Executive Killed by Dog

Hyderabad, Telangana: Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy has extended Rs 2 lakh financial assistance to the family of a Swiggy delivery executive who tragically died four months ago after being chased by a dog while delivering food.

The announcement came on Saturday, following a meeting between the Chief Minister and gig workers at Nampally Exhibition Grounds on the previous Saturday. During the meeting, Rao learned about the struggles faced by the deceased executive’s family and promptly instructed officials to provide them with Rs 2 lakh from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

The family visited the BR Ambedkar Secretariat on Saturday to meet the Chief Minister and receive assistance. They conveyed their profound appreciation to Rao for his prompt and kind assistance, which will surely provide them with much-needed comfort during this trying time.

The Chief Minister’s action demonstrates his care for gig workers’ welfare and his dedication to helping them when they need it. It also sends a strong message of empathy and responsibility towards those who provide essential services like food delivery, often facing challenging and sometimes hazardous conditions.

The event highlights worries about delivery workers’ safety once more because they are frequently at risk of mishaps and assaults while at work. It is crucial to implement measures to ensure their protection, such as providing training on how to handle stray animals and advocating for better working conditions and insurance coverage for gig workers.

The Telangana government’s swift action in providing assistance to the Swiggy executive’s family is commendable and serves as a positive example for other states to follow. This gesture not only alleviates the immediate financial burden on the family but also demonstrates the government’s commitment to standing by its citizens in times of need.

It is hoped that this occurrence would lead to additional conversations and actions to enhance the security and welfare of gig workers throughout India. When we work together, we can make the area more secure and safe for those who regularly deliver essential services.

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