Warangal Police Send Strong Message to Land-Grabbers

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The Warangal police have been cracking down on land-grabbers in the city and its outskirts. In the latest action, the police arrested four people on charges of land-grabbing in the Hanamkonda district.

The arrested persons have been identified as K. Suresh, G. Naresh, K. Srinu, and K. Srinivas. They are all residents of Hanamkonda.

The police said that the accused had been illegally occupying a piece of land belonging to one B. Suresh. They had put up a fence around the land and were preventing the rightful owner from accessing it.

The police acted on a complaint filed by B. Suresh and arrested the four accused. They have been booked under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Telangana Land Grabbing Prohibition Act, 1987.

The Warangal police have been taking a tough stance against land-grabbers. In the past few months, they have arrested several people on charges of land-grabbing. This has sent a strong message to land-grabbers that they will not be tolerated.

The police have also urged people to come forward and report cases of land-grabbing. They have assured that all such cases will be investigated and the guilty will be brought to justice.

The crackdown on land-grabbers is a welcome move. It is important to protect the rights of landowners and ensure that they are not deprived of their property. The police should continue with their efforts to curb the menace of land-grabbing.

In addition to the police, other government agencies such as the revenue department and the district administration should also play a role in preventing land-grabbing. They should ensure that land records are properly maintained and that no one is able to encroach on government or private land.

Land-grabbing is a serious crime that can have a devastating impact on the lives of affected families. It is important to take all necessary measures to prevent it and to bring the guilty to justice.


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