SFI-ASA-TSF Sweeps University of Hyderabad Student Union Elections

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In a resounding victory, the SFI-ASA-TSF alliance emerged victorious in the University of Hyderabad Students’ Union elections for the year 2023-24. The alliance secured all the key positions, including president, vice-president, general secretary, joint secretary, cultural secretary, and sports secretary.

Md. Ateeq Ahmed of the SFI, garnering 1,880 votes, was elected as the new president of the students’ union. Shaik Aayesha of the ABVP-SLVD panel, with 1,409 votes, was the runner-up in the presidential race.

The alliance’s dominance extended to the other positions as well. Jalli Akash (ASA-SFI) was elected vice-president, Deepak Kumar Arya (ASA-SFI) general secretary, Lavudi Bala Anjaneyulu (SFI-TFI) joint secretary, Samim Akter Sheikh (ASA-SFI) cultural secretary, and Athul (SFI) sports secretary.

The counting process, which commenced in the morning, continued late into the night. Upon the announcement of the results, jubilant celebrations erupted across the campus.

Representatives of the SFI panel expressed their pride in securing victory for the third consecutive time in the students’ union elections. They attributed their success to their unwavering commitment to addressing the concerns of the student community and their dedication to upholding the university’s values.

With close to 5,300 eligible voters, the polling, held on Thursday, witnessed an impressive 80% turnout.

The SFI-ASA-TSF alliance’s emphatic victory underscores its strong support among the student body and its commitment to representing their interests effectively.

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