Postal Ballot Voting Begins in Hanamkonda

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Hanamkonda Facilitation Centres Facilitate Postal Ballot Voting for Government Employees, Police Personnel, and Emergency Service Workers

HANAMKONDA: The electoral process in the district has witnessed the initiation of postal ballot voting, facilitating government employees, police personnel, and emergency service workers to exercise their franchise. Two facilitation centres, positioned in Warangal West and Parkal constituencies in the district, have been established for this purpose.

Voters who applied via Form 12 are currently participating in the voting process at the office of the Returning Officer in Hanamkonda, specifically in reference to the Warangal West Constituency. Simultaneously, government employees, police, and emergency service personnel are engaging in their voting rights through the postal ballot system at the facilitation centre situated in the Tahsildar office in Parkal, according to the District Election Officer and Collector Sikta Patnaik.

A total of 1468 government employees have exercised their right to vote through the postal ballot, utilising these centres.

In light of this ongoing process, the Collector emphasised the significance of participation among government employees, police, and emergency service workers. She urged them to make use of Form 12 to apply for postal ballots and take advantage of this opportunity to vote, underscoring the deadline for submissions until the 29th of this month.

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Key Points:

  • Postal ballot voting has begun in Hanamkonda.
  • Two facilitation centres have been established for this purpose.
  • Government employees, police personnel, and emergency service workers can vote through postal ballots.
  • The deadline for submissions is the 29th of this month.

About Postal Ballot Voting:

Postal ballot voting is a system that allows certain categories of voters to cast their votes by post. This system is typically used for voters who are unable to vote in person due to reasons such as being away from home on election day or being physically incapacitated.

Eligibility for Postal Ballot Voting:

The following categories of voters are eligible to apply for postal ballots:

  • Service personnel of the armed forces of the Union
  • Government employees deployed on election duty
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Persons in preventive detention
  • Persons in custody

How to Apply for Postal Ballot Voting:

To apply for postal ballot voting, eligible voters need to fill out Form 12 and submit it to the Returning Officer of their constituency. The deadline for submissions is usually a few days before the election date.

Benefits of Postal Ballot Voting:

Postal ballot voting offers several benefits, including:

  • It allows eligible voters to exercise their franchise even if they are unable to vote in person.
  • It reduces congestion at polling stations.
  • It makes the voting process more convenient for eligible voters.


Postal ballot voting is an important mechanism for ensuring that eligible voters are able to exercise their franchise. The initiation of postal ballot voting in Hanamkonda is a positive step towards ensuring that all eligible voters in the district are able to participate in the upcoming elections.

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