Koushik Reddy’s Shocking Election Pledge: Life or Death

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Controversial Statement by Koushik Reddy Stirs Up Election Campaign

Karimnagar, Telangana – In a shocking turn of events, BRS Huzurabad candidate and MLC Padi Koushik Reddy made a startling statement just hours before the conclusion of the election campaign. Reddy declared that he, along with his family members, would commit suicide if he was not elected.

The controversial statement was made during a campaign in Kamalapur mandal headquarters on Tuesday. Reddy stated, “So, the lives of my family are in the hands of the public. It is up to the public whether they want my family alive or dead.”

Reddy’s statement has created a flutter in the political circles and among the public. The candidate further added that a victory rally would be organized if he was elected. However, if he lost, a death procession of three of his family members, including himself, his wife, and his daughter would be held on December 4.

This eleventh-hour declaration has added a new dimension to the election campaign, raising concerns about the ethical implications of such a statement. The impact of this statement on the election results remains to be seen.

The election commission and other authorities have yet to comment on this development. As the public reels from this shocking announcement, the fate of Reddy and his family hangs in the balance, awaiting the election results.

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