Osmania University Launches Film Club: Unity & Creativity

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Osmania Film Club Launches: Celebrating Unity Through Creativity at Osmania University

Osmania University (OU) in Hyderabad has taken a creative leap with the launch of the Osmania Film Club, a platform aimed at celebrating unity and equality among its students. Spearheaded by the Vice Chancellor Prof D Ravinder, the club was officially inaugurated with the unveiling of its logo.

The concept for the Osmania Film Club was born from the collaborative efforts of students hailing from various college campuses within the university. Their vision is to bring together budding artists from different backgrounds and disciplines, providing them with a space to hone their skills and express their creativity through short films.

A press release highlighted the proactive role played by the students in uniting artists and fostering an environment conducive to filmmaking. One of the club’s first initiatives was the screening of the short film “Oka Ushassu”, showcasing the talent and potential nurtured within the university’s vibrant community.

With its launch, the Osmania Film Club aims to serve as a catalyst for artistic expression, empowering students to explore their passion for filmmaking while promoting unity and inclusivity within the Osmania University community.


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