Mancherial Terror: 18 Injured in Stray Dog Rampage

Mancherial Terror: 18 Injured in Stray Dog Rampage

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Mancherial Residents Terrorized as Stray Dog Attacks Injure 18

Mancherial, Telangana – February 19, 2024: Panic gripped residents of Ramnagar and LIC Colony in Mancherial on Monday as a pack of stray dogs turned aggressive, attacking 18 individuals and leaving them injured. The incident, which unfolded on the streets of both localities, has sparked fear and outrage among locals, who accuse authorities of neglecting their repeated pleas for action.

According to reports, the dogs went “berserk,” targeting residents as they went about their daily activities. The victims, suffering bites and other injuries, were rushed to the Government General Hospital, where their condition is said to be stable.

However, for the residents of Ramnagar and LIC Colony, the trauma runs deeper. They claim to be living under a constant cloud of fear due to the stray dog menace. Despite bringing the issue to the attention of concerned officials on multiple occasions, they allege no concrete steps have been taken to address the problem.

“We are living in fear,” expressed one resident, echoing the sentiment of many. “These dogs roam freely, attacking anyone they come across. It’s not just about the injuries; it’s the constant anxiety and worry we have to endure.”

The residents have urged the authorities to take immediate action to control the stray dog population. They have demanded measures like sterilization programs, dog shelters, and stricter enforcement of animal control laws.

This incident highlights the growing concern surrounding stray dog attacks across India. With increasing dog populations and limited resources for proper management, such incidents are becoming more frequent, raising questions about public safety and animal welfare.

It remains to be seen how the Mancherial authorities will respond to the demands of the residents and address the issue of stray dog attacks effectively.

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