Man Killed in Drunken Brawl in Narsingi

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HYDERABAD, INDIA – A man was killed in a drunken brawl in the Narsingi area of Hyderabad on Sunday night. The victim, K. Jagadish (31), was allegedly attacked by his friend with a blunt object on his head.

Jagadish and his friend, along with an unidentified suspect, had been drinking together when an argument broke out. The argument quickly escalated into a physical altercation, and the suspect struck Jagadish on the head with a heavy object. Jagadish died instantly.

The Narsingi police have booked a case of murder against the suspect, who has since surrendered to the police. The police are investigating the motive for the murder.

This is the latest in a string of alcohol-related incidents in Hyderabad. In recent months, there have been several cases of drunk driving accidents and violent crimes attributed to alcohol consumption.

The police are urging the public to drink responsibly and to avoid getting into altercations while under the influence of alcohol.


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