LuLu Mall Hyderabad Traffic Chaos: How to Avoid It

Lulu Mall Hyderabad

Lulu Mall Hyderabad

LuLu Mall Hyderabad Traffic Chaos: The newly opened LuLu Mall in Hyderabad has become a major attraction, drawing massive crowds, particularly on weekends. This has led to severe traffic congestion in the surrounding areas, causing hours of delays for commuters.

The traffic chaos is particularly evident on the stretch leading to the mall, where vehicles are often bumper-to-bumper. The mall itself is also packed with shoppers, resulting in long queues at checkout counters and escalators that have stopped working due to overload.

On Sunday, the traffic gridlock persisted well into the evening, making it a nightmare for those traveling between Miyapur and Ameerpet. The traffic woes extended to Balanagar, Kukatpally, JNTU, and Miyapur, with even short journeys taking nearly an hour.

The mall’s popularity is a testament to the city’s growing demand for retail and entertainment options. However, the traffic chaos is a major concern, and authorities need to take steps to address it. This could include increasing public transportation options in the area, developing dedicated parking facilities, and implementing traffic management measures.

In addition to the above, here are some other possible measures that could be taken to reduce traffic congestion around LuLu Mall:

  • Rerouting traffic away from the mall during peak hours
  • Imposing stricter parking restrictions in the area
  • Working with the mall management to develop a traffic management plan
  • Educating motorists about alternate routes and public transportation options

By taking these steps, authorities can help to ensure that LuLu Mall can continue to thrive without causing undue disruption to the city’s transportation system.


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