Karimnagar Gets Red-Light Cameras for Safety

Karimnagar Gets Red-Light Cameras for Safety

Karimnagar to Implement Automatic Red-Light Cameras to Improve Traffic Flow

Following Adjustments to Traffic Signals

In an effort to enhance traffic management in Karimnagar, authorities are set to activate automatic red-light violation detection cameras starting June 15th. This initiative comes after the inauguration of a traffic signaling system six months ago. Initially, the system faced public criticism due to extended waiting times. In response, officials adjusted the signal timings to optimize traffic flow.

Addressing Traffic Violations

Despite the improved signaling system, some drivers continue to disregard traffic rules. To tackle this issue, authorities will be installing cameras at key intersections including the District Bus Stand, Collectorate Chowk, Telangana Chowk, and several others.

Multi-function Cameras for Enhanced Safety

These advanced cameras will not only detect red-light violations but also a range of other traffic offenses. This includes speeding, using mobile phones while driving, taking wrong routes, rash driving, riding triples on two-wheelers, and driving without helmets or seatbelts. Captured violations will be automatically transmitted to a central control room for review.

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Verification and Penalty Process

Police will verify the captured violations before forwarding the information to both traffic police and Regional Transport Authority (RTA) officials. Once verified, vehicle owners will receive mobile phone notifications with details of the offense and instructions for paying the corresponding fine.

Comprehensive Traffic Management System

The red-light cameras are part of a larger Integrated Traffic Management System. This system will ultimately include a total of 85 automatic red-light violation detection cameras and 174 CCTV cameras strategically positioned throughout Karimnagar to ensure better traffic regulation and overall safety.

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