Hyderabad Man Murdered: Stabbed, Throat Slit in Attapur

Hyderabad Man Murdered: Stabbed, Throat Slit in Attapur

Man Murdered in Hyderabad: Police Investigating Incident

A 40-year-old man named Mohd Layeeq was killed by a group of people at Attapur, Hyderabad, on Saturday night. Layeeq, who lived in Rajendranagar, had been partying with friends at a bar and restaurant. They later went to the Fish Building on Rajendranagar Road.

An argument broke out among them, and in a fit of rage, the attackers stabbed Layeeq and slit his throat, according to a police official from Rajendranagar. The police arrived at the scene, took Layeeq’s body to OGH for a postmortem examination, and registered a case. Senior officials also inspected the location.

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The police are currently investigating the incident and are working to find the suspects to understand the motive behind the murder.

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