Delhi Police Wraps Case Against Ex-WFI Chief

Ex-WFI Chief

Delhi Police Concludes Arguments on Sexual Harassment Charges Against Ex-WFI Chief Brij Bhushan Singh: Legal Proceedings, Jurisdiction, and Witness Testimonies Unveiled

The Delhi Police has wrapped up its arguments concerning the charges against Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, former chief of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) and BJP MP. The charges are related to an alleged sexual harassment case filed by female wrestlers.
Court Proceedings:
The matter is currently at the stage of framing charges before the Rouse Avenue Court. The Delhi Police argued that incidents of alleged sexual harassment, whether occurring overseas or within India, are part of the same transaction, giving the court jurisdiction to try the case.
Upcoming Dates:
After considering the Delhi Police’s arguments, the court has scheduled further proceedings for January 20 and 23. The court will hear the complainants’ attorneys’ submissions on these dates.
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Arguments Presented:
Jurisdiction: The Delhi Police asserted that the court has jurisdiction over the case, given that incidents of alleged sexual harassment are part of a single transaction.
Intention Requirement: The police argued that for the charge of sexual harassment, intent is not necessary; knowledge alone is sufficient.
Delay in Filing Complaints: The Additional Public Prosecutor contended that the case is not time-barred, citing Section 354 of the IPC with a maximum punishment of five years.
Victims’ Fear: The police claimed that the delay in filing complaints was due to the victims’ fear of jeopardizing their wrestling careers, as the sport is highly revered in their communities.
Accused’s Justification:
The accused, Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, justified his actions by claiming to act in a fatherly manner while checking the breathing patterns of female wrestlers. The prosecution argued that this justification indicates an awareness of his actions.
Details of Allegations:
The case involves six female wrestlers who filed complaints against Singh, alleging sexual harassment in various locations, including overseas. The incidents include inappropriate touching during breathing pattern checks and compromising attempts.
Witnesses and Statements:
A total of 44 witnesses, including the victims, have been named in the case. Statements from complainants were read in court, describing incidents in Kazakhstan, New Delhi, Mongolia, Bellary Karnataka, Tokyo, and Jakarta.
Ongoing Proceedings:
This case was reopened as the predecessor judge handling the framing of charges was transferred. The court is now considering arguments regarding jurisdiction, the nature of the offenses, and the continuity of sexual harassment as a charge.
Upcoming Hearings:
On the next hearing dates, the court will hear the submissions from the complainants’ counsel. The case involves multiple incidents, both within India and abroad, making it a complex matter for legal consideration.

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