COVID JN.1 Cases: 682 Across 12 States


Latest Update: JN.1 Sub-Variant COVID-19 Cases Reach 682 in 12 States – What You Need to Know

As of January 7, the number of COVID-19 cases related to the JN.1 sub-variant has reached 682 across 12 states in India, according to official sources.
The list of all the occurrences that have been noted is as follows: There were 199 cases reported in Karnataka, 148 in Kerala, 139 in Maharashtra, 47 in Goa, 36 in Gujarat, 30 in Andhra Pradesh, 30 in Rajasthan, 26 in Tamil Nadu, 21 in Delhi, 3 in Odisha, 2 in Telangana, and 5 in Haryana.
Officials emphasized that while the number of cases is increasing and the JN.1 sub-variant is present, there is no immediate cause for concern. Most infected individuals are opting for home-based treatment, indicating mild illness.
The central government has urged states and Union territories to stay vigilant due to the rise in COVID-19 cases and the detection of the JN.1 sub-variant. States are advised to follow operational guidelines for revised surveillance strategies and monitor and report cases regularly.
While JN.1 is thought to represent a “low” Worldwide public health concern, the World Health Organization (WHO) has designated it as a “variant of interest” because of its rapid dissemination. The JN.1 sub-variant was previously categorized as part of the BA.2.86 sub-lineages, which is itself a variant of interest, according to the WHO.

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