Hyderabad Police Bind 1,020 for Election Conduct

Hyderabad Police Bind 1,020 for Election Conduct

Hyderabad Police Crack Down: Over 1,020 Persons Bound Over for Election Conduct

In Hyderabad, the police have made sure over 1,020 people with criminal records behave well during the elections. They’re keeping an eye on troublemakers like history sheeters and rowdy sheeters. Last year during the Assembly elections, they did this for over 4,000 people.

They’ve also been busy executing arrest warrants, taking care of almost 500 of them already. Around 155 warrants are still waiting to be dealt with. They’re working hard, even forming special teams to handle warrants from other states.

To keep things fair, they’re keeping tabs on violations of the election rules too. They’ve already caught 47 cases of people breaking the rules and confiscating stuff like cash and drugs worth a lot of money.

And to make sure everything runs smoothly, they’ve added two more officers to help out during the elections. One for the Hyderabad Lok Sabha area and the other for Secunderabad. The police are also regularly checking vehicles, patrolling the streets, and keeping an eye on places like hotels and bus stands.


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